Friday, February 25, 2011

Shark Divers Can't Get Enough Images From Guadalupe Island...

For obvious reasons, the Great White Sharks that surround the waters of Guadalupe Island are highly sought after.  Not, as we all fear, for their fins, jaws or flesh, but for their images.  Those of us that operate year after year at Guadalupe Island know that a live and well protected shark is far more valuable than the alternative.  This goes not only for the tour operators that call the island their office in the fall, but for the island's inhabitants, the country of Mexico and, indeed, the world at large.  Each passing year at Guadalupe brings more people, more science and more revenue to this fragile ecosystem that just happens to boast the finest amalgamation of Great White Sharks in the Western Hemisphere.  After seven years of successful operations we've seen first hand the financial and scientific benefits of this symbiotic relationship as they pertain to the sharks.  Indeed, each day we receive feedback on the images generated from the shark cages of the MV Islander and we're constantly being asked to provide more

 In an effort to satisfy, we've reworked our Guadalupe Island Shark Diving page to include more photos and more video that highlight these amazing sharks as well as the photographic potential available at Guadalupe.

  Additionally, we've included more information about our trips, our vessel and Guadalupe Island itself.  It's our goal to shine a light on this amazing island in the pacific and hold it forth as a model for that magical moment when raw nature and humanity come together.
Shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island aboard M/V Islander